Dental Clinic

No. 7 Filterbed Road, Ground Floor,
Between South Police Station &
Vellore Silk House, Vellore – 632001.

Advance Equipments of our Dental Department

  • Four Dental Chairs with Two Advance Cantilever Models from France, Germany (Airel, Kavo, Chesa magma, Fusion).
  • Intra oral camera (Slice Technique) Patient can view before & After treatment of teeth.
  • RVG (Radio visio Graphy ) Instant X-ray on chair side within 10 seconds.
  • Patient can view their x-ray on laptop.
  • DWD Endo Motor with Apex locator used for advance Endodontic treatment
  • Autoclave, Hot Air sterilizer, UV Cabinet, Formalin sterilizer, Cold sterilization are used for sterilization.

Preventive Dentistry

child dental check-upIn our hospital,, we provide the best way for you and your family to maintain your oral health is to be proactive about the care of your mouth. we are conservatives at heart and do our best to protect your natural teeth with preventive measures. We focus on educating patients on proper tooth brushing technique, proper flossing technique, the importance of fluoride therapy, the effects of adverse oral habits like smoking and chewing tobacco and the need for regular dental checkups. We assure you that continuing care of your oral health after the completion of treatment, because your home care is the single most important factor that determines the success of your dental treatment.

Preventive dentistry involves application of sealants to grooves on teeth. This prevents invasion of disease-causing bacteria and extensive tooth decay can be avoided. It will also help keep your tooth natural and un-damaged.


Dental Care for Children(Pediatric Dentistry)

Here,we strive to make your child’s dental visit as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. We care for your child’s health. pediatric dentistry team takes excellent care of your child’s teeth while keeping them relaxed and comfortable because we know just how important it is for a child to have a positive experience at the dentist.

We teach you and your child how to best care for their teeth, advice on eating habits and good oral hygiene methods. In addition, we provide early diagnosis, even for children with milk teeth, for any possibilities of future teeth malalignment. When milk teeth are lost or removed earlier than their due exfoliation time, there is a chance that permanent teeth malalignment may occur. To avoid this, to retain the space occupied by milk teeth, we give space maintainers. These are simple, comfortable, custom-made appliance which preserves space for unerrupted teeth. Early visits to the dentist have the added benefit of making your child much less fearful of the dentist as an adult.

We trust you will find the atmosphere calming, the staff friendly, and our pediatric dental services exceptional.


Diseases of the gums or gingivitis and periodontitis cause many problems including bad breath, bleeding gums, tooth loosening and tooth loss. Improper oral hygiene or certain disease conditions cause gums to become swollen and infected. Accumulation of plaque or tartar gradually infects the gums and disease progresses. Early intervention is highly recommended.

Routine oral prophylaxis includes scaling and polishing to remove bacterial plaque and tartar from the teeth surfaces. It is mainly performed to prevent decay and other oral complications.

We use automatic ultrasonic scaling instruments and high-tech devices. Getting an oral prophylaxis done on a regular basis helps fight tooth decay, gum disease and staining.

We have many treatment options for gum diseases (periodontitis) depending on the severity of the disease. To eliminate gum infection, our expert treatment options range from scaling, curettage, deep cleaning under the gums (root planning) to gingival flap surgery. The periodontist works in conjunction with the restorative dentist to achieve the ideal esthetic and functional result for you. we strive for preventive care, and most periodontal disease can be treated with regular flossing and tooth-brushing.

Care for Esthetic Enhancement(Cosmetic  Dentistry)

Do you like to improve  your smile , improve the color, shape or length of your teeth? Or change the appearance of your gums to give your smile a more pleasing look? Do you want a sparkling smile life long? In our hospital ,experts excel at designing that fantastic smile for you, profoundly enhancing your appearance!

Cosmetic or esthetic dentistry has a tremendous effect not only on appearance and self esteem but also maintains and improves health of the mouth, jaws and jaw joint. There are many different ways you can improve your smile through the many techniques like core building, fractured segments replacement,midline space closing ,tooth jewel placement etc.,

Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)

Nothing boosts your appearance and self-confidence like a beautiful smile! One of the best ways to enhance your smile is tooth whitening or tooth bleaching. Bleaching is the simplest way to brighten your smile. Discoloration caused by food and lifestyle habits can be lightened to reveal a glowing smile. Teeth bleaching can be done in two ways- a professional in-office method or at-home technique. The in-office method uses a light activated gel to whiten your teeth. This method is more effective and results are seen immediately. Or we can make custom-made whitening trays for you which you can use to apply the whitening gels to your teeth in the comfort of your home. Your teeth can become 5-6 shades lighter. Depending on your lifestyle, you may need to bleach periodically.

dental dental1

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Many people have lost their good profile due to the improper maintenance of dentition ,systemic problems,road accidents and congenitalproblems…this is the challenging task to get the good and esthetic profile for them. In our hospital, we care them and plan the treatment for them in the very best way with the discussions in required speciality consultant to provide the better  treatment.

Management of Malaligned Teeth(Orthodontics)

In our hospital ,we Improve your appearance and dental health with confident smile! Aligned teeth not only make your smile attractive but also decrease the chances of tooth decay and gum diseases. The patient needs to come for regular check-ups every month. We are doing orthodontic treatments with the various techniques. We are using braces and brackets like metal, tooth coloured, or self ligating brackets according to the patients comfort .

Missing Teeth Replacement(Prosthodontics)


Dentures help to restore a patient’s smile and the ability to chew and speak clearly after some or all teeth are lost.  Dentures which we affording in our hospital  are more effectively providing our patients with a greater sense of comfort with better function. Missed teeth can be replaced by many procedures like Removable Partial Dentures, Fixed Replacement, BPS Dentures, Implant Dentures. Under fixed replacement , we used to replace the missed  teeth  with  ceramic , zirconia for the very esthetic and comfort of the patient.

Dental Implants

dental3Dental implants are screw-like inserts which are placed in the jaw bone and serve to restore one or more missing teeth. Dental implants are also used to more effectively retain dentures, and patients who wear dentures retained by dental implants are very happy with the added security and comfort that the dental implants provide. Titanium Implants have sparked a revolution in the field of dentistry

With the proper planned of the treatment,which involves diagnostic impressions, radiographs and CT Scans, the dental implants will be placed into your jaw bone under local or general anesthesia. In certain conditions, we can go ahead and immediately restore these dental implants and you can walk out of the surgery with brand new teeth. In some cases, we will have to wait for a certain time period to ensure that the bone around the implant is healed before we replace the missing tooth or teeth.

We are proceeding the implant procedure under local anesthesia.

Dental Care for the Ageing Persons(Geriatric Dentistry)

As the person grows old ,there is several changes  occurs like wearing of teeth, root decay, gum diseases, discoloration of teeth, dry mouth, changes in tastes, oral ulcerations, gingival bleeding etc.  These are all mainly due the sequelae of common diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular and liver diseases, gastrointestinal diseases etc, or certain medications taken to control diseases have their effect in oral cavity. In our hospital, we specialize caring the ageing persons for their dental problems and makes them  feel  pleasy,better and comfort

Anxiety Management(Sedative Dentistry)

For  the one who extremely anxious, nervous or for those who are exceedingly frightened of dental treatment or have a dental phobia, we have sedation dentistry or sleep dentistry facility. This technique helps to relax the patient making them feel lesser pain and discomfort.

Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics

In our hospital, we are restoring and conserving the teeth with best tooth coloured  and the advanced filling materials to achieve the better esthetic and function. Prevention is always better than cure. As we are following it, we educate and motivate the patient in the initial stage itself and make them aware of it.

Root Canal Therapy

When a tooth becomes infected or damaged, root canal treatment is often the only way to save your tooth and repair the damage. Infection spreads to the bone and tissues and an abscess forms at the roots.

The treatment involves clearing the infection after numbing the tooth by a cleaning and disinfecting process of the roots. The root canals are then filled with an inert material and sealed. A crown has to be placed following the treatment to protect the tooth from further our hospital, we proceeding the root canal therapy with the advanced and innovative techniques.


Oral Medicine and Surgery

In our hospital, we do Impacted Tooth Removal, Fractured Jaw and Facial Bones, Orthognathic surgeries. We also do biopsy for oral cancer patients for early diagnosis.

Oral Cancer and Tobacco Habit Cessation Screening

Oral Cancer is a rapidly growing epidemic affecting India and the world and is proving to be a major health challenge. The main cause and triggering for oral cancer is the tobacco chewing and smoking habit. So in our hospital, we specially counsel ,care and assure them to quit the habit.