Sexology & Venereology

Sexologists play an important role in helping the patients with the complaints of

  • 5Erectile Dysfunction
  • Pre Mature Ejaculation
  • Male Infertility
  • Semenal discharge in Urine
  • Desire Disorder
  • Venereophobia
  • Sexual problem in a diabetic individual
  • Female sex disorders
  • Pre-Marital counselling
  • Teenage counselling
  • Male & Female sex counselling

banner_4In Venereology, we treat patients with

  • Sexually transmitted diseases – VDRL, TPHA
  • Herpes genitalis
  • Warts in the genitalia
  • Candidal balanoposthitis etc.

We have a well equipped laboratory to check VDRL, TPHA, HIV – ELISA, Western Blot, CD4 count, HIV-PCR etc.